Open Session: Hvordan får vi humane digitale relationer?

Open Session: How do we get humane digital relationships?

Pushed by the Covid-19 pandemic, many organizations have taken the step into more digital forms of collaboration. Video conferencing, online lectures and webinars have become commonplace in many places. The development is here to stay. The question is how.

As the initial excitement and pride of succeeding in keeping it running in a time of crisis has subsided, the mood is now more mixed. The digital organization does not just offer more flexibility, more efficient meetings and less transport time. It also offers the experience that it is more difficult to develop, the lack of meeting colleagues and the feeling of being isolated “behind the screen”.
With the transformation of our organization into a digital arena, the playing field for the development and maintenance of our relationships is also changing. The body is placed at home in front of the screen. Our habits and normal dealings with each other are moved around. The dynamic between us becomes different.

It has long been well known that successful organizations do so by virtue of their relationships. Well-functioning relationships promote both well-being and task solving. But how do we develop new relationships and nurture existing ones when digital encounters replace physical ones?

In this Open Session, we explore the barriers and challenges that are making relationships work in a digital context – so we feel heard and seen and together can accomplish something. At the same time, we focus on the opportunities for organizational development and well-being that digital forms of work offer.

Come with me!

The session will take place at Zoom on 10 February at 8-10. You sign up for info @ humanbusiness and then receive a link. Everyone is welcome. The only thing you commit to is to take your participation seriously. Therefore, cancel if you are prevented and be ready to enter into a dialogue with other participants. Registration no later than Friday 8 February.


  • Welcome
    Introduction to today’s program and to Human Business
  • The digital organization – in a relational perspective
    When we become digital, the conditions for our relationships also change. But does it need to have a negative impact on our well-being and on our task performance? What are the relational barriers that are created by technology and biology – and which ones are created by us mentally? Based on a psychological and relational approach to organizations, we focus and concepts on what can happen to our relationships when we go digital. And what can happen to our self-perception. The presentation will be given by Jannie Rasmussen, M.Sc., and Inger Bøgh, M.Sc. specializing in conversations.
  • Study of the digital organization
    How has the digital workplace developed over the year? What experiences have we had? Where do we stand now? In joint dialogue and reflection, we examine “do’s and dont’s” together and look at what the digital arena can and cannot do today – and where we may. must put in, or withdraw us. Jannie & Inger contribute along the way with psychological and communicative insights.
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